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be out of breath:上气不接下气;喘不过气来;气喘吁吁 例句: 1. If I go up stairs, I will be out of breath. 如果我走楼梯,我必上气不接下气了。 2. The little boys seems to be out of breath after running. 小男孩儿们跑步之后看起来...

There she was, slightly out of breath from running. The best activities for stamina are fairly energetic; they need to get you slightly outof breath. I'm out of breath after climbing up all the stairs. They reached the company ...

out of breath 在句中并不是做宾语,而是充当表语。 out of breath 属于介词短语。

out of breath 英[aut ɔv breθ] 美[aʊt ʌv brɛθ] 喘不过气 [例句]When I was gasping , out of breath , suddenly there was a red apple falling down the front hillside. 就在我累得气喘吁吁、上气不接下气的时候,前面...

out of breath 上气不接下气,气喘吁吁 介词短语,做状语。你的理解错误。

out of breath 喘不过气 breathless adj.气喘吁吁的,喘不过气来的; (紧张得)屏住气息的; 透不过气的; 死的,气绝的

你说的没错,就是这个意思。 be out of breath 上气不接下气;喘不过气来 hold one's breath/catch one's breath 屏住呼吸 get one's breath(back/again)恢复正常呼吸  lose one's breath 喘不过气来;喘息 

最主要的区别应该是是动词性质,后一个是形容词性质例如I am out of my breath。或者I lose my breath

The scientists were out of touch with the base.科学家们与基地失去了联系 The snowwtorm put the TV set out of action.暴风雪使电台不起作用了 The students went over their lessons before the examination.学生们在考试之前复习功课 He a...

1. out of breath 2. breathe heavily 3. breathlessness 4. puffy


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