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BE ContrADiCtory to

没有,一般用法应该是( be )contrary to 或者 on the contrary. contrary adj.相反的, 逆的, ■执拗n.反面adv.相反地 解析:a contrary wind逆风 by contraries与预期相反的 be contrary to one's expectation出乎意料的 【同】 contradictory, c...

这是 there be 存在句,enough time 是主语,不定式 to call her 是修饰 time 的后置定语,即 “给她打电话的时间”。整句话翻译需要调整为 “还有足够的时间给她打电话”。

Can not make a male and female friends,grey uggs, to be a special friend two possible love each other, like people, but does not belong to friendship, love,imitation uggs, affection in any, they can not boyfriend and girlfriend...

the identical breath exhales all kinds contradictory feelings, follows the mind...I will pull out the time to listen to the grandfather to be verbose he...


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